Set to a to hand selected song. Intended for sharing the key moments with family and friends online. The perfect length for social media. Through the use of modern short form storytelling techniques, we can showcase the essence of your celebration.


Highlight Film

With 3 cinematographers, we are able to capture the bride, groom, and ceremony prep all at once to make sure none of those spontaneous moments are not missed. We weave in your voices or sound-bites from the day. Thanks to comprehensive event coverage, this collection can be paired with the documentary addition.


Short Film

Our most popular. This comprehensive film focuses on the details of the day. We are able to incorporate audio from your vows, the key moments of the ceremony, and those meaningful toasts. This film allows viewers to truly experience the many emotions of the day, from the intimate first look to the lively celebration.


THE Feature

For the weekend long celebration. This film showcases the setting you love. We can incorporate your love story beyond the wedding day, like the rehearsal dinner, sentimental speeches or your unique traditions. The Feature is perfect for incorporating an additional ceremony. This film allows you to look back on this milestone from beginning to end.



Included with every cinematic edit. A 30 sec taste of the day perfect for instagram.



An addition to our cinematic films. We capture the entirety of your ceremony, toasts and first dances from three angles with pristine natural audio. The Documentary can be paired with any collection that includes 3 cinematographers. This enables us to deliver a comprehensive and dynamic edit of the main events. Please inquire for sample films.