Crafting priceless memories into cinematic art
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Remember the love and beauty for years to come.

Mwendo Wedding Films is a team of cinematic storytellers dedicated to helping you experience your wedding day years down the road. We are based out of Washington DC but love to travel. Our coverage is comprehensive yet unobtrusive. We know how important it is to be able to take in the day without additional distractions. We craft your story so you relive the experience in even greater detail than you remember.


Why people choose Mwendo Weddings


Our Signature Style

Utilizing cinematic camera movement, natural light and sound we artfully weave your story into true cinema. Crafting the experience in even greater detail than you remember.


Our Team

We understand the importance of taking in the day without additional distractions for you and your guests. We cordinate behind the scenes to make sure nothing is missed.


The Equipment

We choose high quality small profile cameras that can create a clean image from natural light. Our tools keep us fluid and creative without drawing attention.


Licensed Music

Music is handpicked and licensed for every film. This allows them to be shared freely online with friends and family. Every couple also receives a thirty second teaser suited for Instagram.



Things happen. Back up crew, equipment, and digital storage are essential. Our work-flow minimizes the risk of losing irreplaceable moments, when those unavoidable issues arise.


Online Delivery

Future proof your investment. All films are delivered in HD on your own private website. Download, view, or share your films anywhere, anytime, on any device.

We were blown away by our wedding video, I could not stop crying (tears of pure joy and happiness) at how beautifully our day was captured. I wanted something dramatic, romantic ... a movie trailer wedding video and I got that and so much more.
— Sophia